Who are The Columbans?

Columban Fr Liam Carey on mission in Peru.

The Missionary Society of St Columban was founded in 1918 in Ireland as a Missionary Society of Priests for the evangelization of China. Today over 396 Columban priests and Lay Missionaries work as missionaries in 16 countries.

The Missionary Society of St Columban was founded in 1918 in Ireland as a Missionary Society of Priests for the evangelization of China. Today over 396 Columban priests and Lay Missionaries work as missionaries in 16 countries: Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Chile, Peru, the United States, Mexico, the Philippines, Myanmar, Pakistan, China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Ireland and Britain.

St Columban, our patron, was an Irish monk who preached the Gospel in Continental Europe. After establishing monasteries in what is now France, Germany, Austria and Italy, he died in Bobbio, northern Italy, in 615. read more

Columban missionaries live and share the Good News of Jesus Christ through; working with poor and exploited people. Inter-faith relations with people of other religions. Seeking justice and dignity for those denied their rights. Developing faith communities in the local church. Respect and care for the earth and the environment.

The main residence for Columbans in Australia, since 1924, is at Essendon, Victoria. Columbans are also based in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Melbourne: Columban Mission Centre

The Columban Mission Centre (CMC) is responsible for fundraising for overseas Mission Units. Fundraising is generated through mission appeals, communications, publications and promotions. Our work has been greatly assisted by benefactors who have gifted the Columbans a legacy in their Wills.

Sydney: Columban Centre for Christian Muslim Relations (CCCMR)

The teaching of the Catholic Church motivates and inspires Columban missionaries to reach out to Muslims in dialogue and friendship.  With our Centre located in Blacktown since 2017, we contribute especially to the Diocese of Parramatta, co-operating with diocesan agencies (Interfaith Commission, Education and Catholic Youth Parramatta). We hope to facilitate Christian-Muslim relations at grassroots level, between priests and imams and between parish and mosque congregations.

Rev Dr Patrick McInerney
Director of CCCMR

Peace, Ecology & Justice (PEJ)

The Missionary Society of St Columban's concerns for issues of Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation (JPIC) derives from our commitment to solidarity with the poor and our care and respect for all of Creation. JPIC was adopted by Columban Missionaries around the world in 1976, and links the Gospel to living justly, respecting ecological systems and growing peace. 

In Australia we work within the framework of: Peace, Ecology and Justice giving expression to our committment to the concerns of JPIC.

Lower Hutt: St Columbans

Columban Mission Aotearoa/New Zealand focuses on Mission Education and fundraising, especially through the distribution of The Far East magazine and the Columban Art Calendar. A concern for social justice and the environment are part of our experience and response to global mission so we work with individuals, groups and organizations that deal with these concerns. We also work with migrants, give retreats and assist with cross-cultural education programs. We are active in assisting local parishes with their pastoral, liturgical and spiritual needs. We seek to nurture the missionary spirit of the local church.

Are you ready to accept the new challenges of an exciting period of priestly and missionary formation?

For more information on Columban Vocations visit: www.columban.org.au

E: vocations@columban.org.au

2022 Columban Art Calendar

2022 Columban Art Calendar

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The Columban Art Calendar is an iconic Catholic Calendar, well-known for its traditional religious paintings and liturgical information and is a major fundraiser for Columban Missionaries. 2022 marks the 100th edition.

Calendar Dimensions: 220mm (W) x 320mm (H)

This edition features:

  • A new design that includes more space on the date pad.
  • Inclusion of Peace, Ecology and Justice dates.
  • QR codes for easy access to purchase the Columban Art Calendar, products and resources that support Columban Mission.
  • A new colour code to highlight Solemnities, Feasts and Memorials.
  • FREE online art guide resource - Visio Divina.

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