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2022 Columban Mid-Year Appeal

"Let us ask the Lord to give us the gentleness to look upon the poor with understanding and love, devoid of human calculation and fear."

Pope Francis

We may be more ecologically aware, but that has obviously not prevented major disasters happening around the world. The typhoon in the Philippines, the cyclones in Fiji, and the floods in South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales, recently, along with the underwater volcanic eruption in Tonga, certainly bring home to us the power of nature and the devastation that can come with it. We are blessed in Australia to have the necessary resources to respond.  

As we have Columban missionaries in the Philippines and the Pacific, we know the difficulties of the people and we feel for them. Thanks to the generosity of people like yourselves, we are able to help.

I am asking for your contribution to our work amongst the poorer people in our neighbouring countries. ‘Love of neighbour’ is often quoted as a great summary of the Christian life. The Gospel is full of such stories and statements. Our feeling compassion for these people at this time is an encouragement for us to do what we can to help.

I believe it is true, that the compassion that we feel is a sharing in God’s own compassion for these same people, who are God’s sons and daughters. May the Spirit of God sustain them and ourselves.

I ask you to use the options below to support the Columban Mid-Year Appeal.

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With every blessing,

Fr Peter O'Neill Singature

Fr Peter O’Neill
Columban Leader in Australia

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