Columban Daily Prayer eBook

Columban Daily Prayer eBook

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Listen, read, pray and reflect using the Columban Daily Prayer book featuring prayer and reflection for each day of the week focusing on different topics.

The eBook includes audio controls to listen to each day's prayer and reflection. A preview of the eBook can be viewed here. A full version will be emailed to you upon purchase. It is suitable for 

  • Personal Prayer/ Reflection
  • Prayer groups/ Youth groups
  • Schools/REC
  • Universities
  • Parishes

Prayers written by

Fr Peter Kelly SSC

Reflections written by

Fr Gary Walker SSC

Topics for each day:

  • Monday - To Live In Harmony With God And Each Other 
  • Tuesday - To Live With Kindness
  • Wednesday - To Live With Patience
  • Thursday - To Live With Tolerance And Flexibility 
  • Friday - To Live Free From Anxiety
  • Saturday - To Live With Generosity
  • Sunday - To Live Wisely