Discernment Stages

Stage 1: Making initial contact

In this initial stage, we would simply like to learn more about you, your questions, your life situation and aspirations, as well as to provide you with more information about our life as Columban missionary priests.

Stage 2: Discernment process

If you feel you would like to continue in the discernment process, a Columban missionary priest will be assigned to meet you more regularly, to introduce you more deeply to the Columban Vocation and to help you clarify your own personal calling. This involves helping you discern if a missionary priesthood is a good fit for you.

At this stage, you may wish to participate in an Overseas Vocational Pilgrimage and attend our 'Come and See' session over a weekend or afternoon.

Stage 3: Making an application

If further down the track, you would like to apply to become a Columban missionary priest and we agree with your decision, then at this stage, vocational assessment will be undertaken by qualified professionals. They will help identify your physical and psychological suitability for the challenges of missionary life and assist in recognising your personal strengths and areas for ongoing growth.

Stage 4: Columban Admissions Board

Finally the Columban Admissions Board will consider your application, invite you to an interview, and decide about accepting you into the Columban Formation Program.

This process of inquiry and reflection is not a binding contract and you are free to withdraw at any stage. It is a period of discernment in which we seek to support you in recognising whether God is calling you to a life as a Columban missionary priest.

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