Formation Process

Formation into the Columban missionary priesthood includes the following process:

  • Australian and New Zealand Columban students begin their formation for missionary priesthood in the Sydney suburb of Strathfield, in Australia, New South Wales. They live together in a formation community consisting of Columban students and Columban missionary priests responsible for the formation of the students.
  • Columban students do their academic studies at the Catholic Institute of Sydney nearby in Strathfield.
  • At a later stage, they may continue their studies in one of several possible overseas locations with Columban students from other countries.
  • The formation programme includes a 'Spiritual Year', which is a specific time of prayer, discernment, reflection and pastoral work done in another country with other Columban students.
  • The formation programme also includes two years on mission assignment with Columbans overseas.
  • Ordination to the Columban missionary priesthood is a wonderful day for a new Columban, his family, friends and parish community.

2023 Columban Christmas Appeal

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