Formation Process

Columban students from Australia engage in a formation program with the following elements.

  • A period of accompaniment in Australia. During this time the prospective student lives at home while keeping regular contact with a designated Columban priest. Besides continuing to work or study they may also study whatever they need to enter the next phase of the formation program.
  • Study of philosophy and theology along with mission experience at the Columban House of Studies in Manila, the Philippines. They will live in the Columban formation community composed of other Coloumban students from many of the countries in which the Columbans work.
  • Spiritual Year. During this year timeout is taken from formal study to deepen their spiritual life and to further discern their call to Columban Missionary Life.
  • First Mission Assignment (FMA) comes later in the formation program and lasts for two years. This period is spent in another country working alongside the Columbans there. It involves study of the local language and culture as well as a specific focus on living and working with the local people.

Overall, the formation program takes about nine years. It involves a lot of exciting learning with some challenges as well. However, there are also a lot of fun times along the way. Priesthood Ordination. The formation program ends with ordination. Formation itself though continues throughout the life of the Columban missionary.

Building Hope

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