Help with Discernment

There are several ways for you to make contact with us to learn more about the life of a Columban missionary priest. This will help you with your discernment process.

Come and See sessions

Several times a year in different part of Australia we offer a 'Come and See' session for all interested in finding out more about the life of a Columban missionary priest. This could be an entire weekend or just an afternoon.

Overseas Vocational Pilgrimages  

Each year we offer young men interested in becoming a missionary priests, the opportunity to visit and spend time overseas in parishes and other ministries that are run by Columban priests. This is a wonderful opportunity to see firsthand the everyday priestly ministry of Columban priests.

Visit our Columban Mission stands

Visit our Columban Mission stands at Catholic Youth Festivals and Conferences across Australia. Share and talk with the Columban priest and Youth Worker present at the stands, they are there to help answer any of your questions about a vocation to missionary priesthood.

Visits to Columban Houses

There are Columban Houses in several Australian and New Zealand cities including, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Lower Hutt (New Zealand). Arrange a visit and conversation with one of the resident Columban priests.

Submit an inquiry

Any vocational inquiry will be carefully responded to. After your initial inquiry, if you continue to show interest, we will arrange to visit you and begin a deeper conversation.

Contact us

columban-fr-kelvin-barrettFr Kelvin Barrett
Vocations Contact

Street Address
69 Woodland Street
Essendon VIC 3040

Postal Address
Columban Mission Centre
PO Box 752
Niddrie VIC 3042

Phone: +61 3 9375 9475
Fax: +61 3 9379 6040

Building Hope

2024 Columban Mid-Year Appeal

Support the Columban Mid-Year Appeal, and together, we can expand our reach, deepen our impact, and empower more individuals and communities to thrive. We thank you for your unwavering dedication and belief in the power of humanity to make a difference.