New Milestone for Xavier College

Jan 15, 2021
They ask for your prayers as the parish steers the College in these challenging times - pandemic, climatic and economic - to a future open to the new, as well as faithful to its original motto: “United in God”.
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  Columbans in United States call for a renewed moral vision

Jan 12, 2021
Columbans respond to the events of January 6.
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  The story of a conversion

Jan 12, 2021
For 15 years, he came to church, barely understanding the words of the liturgy (spoken in standard Fijian) – he speaks Hindi and the Ba dialect of Fijian.
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  An Encounter of the Hidden Treasure in the Field

Jan 08, 2021
"If Christ is the center of our lives especially in our mission, we are able to find the hidden treasures in the field. It is only through the eyes of God that we are able to seek and find the lost."
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  A missionary journey

Jan 05, 2021
It was the breakthrough they had hoped for but never expected until it finally happened!
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  Pope's message for World Day of Peace - January 1, 2021

Jan 01, 2021
Message of Pope Francis for the celebration of the 54th World Day of Peace
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  Our place of belonging

Dec 29, 2020
There is a strong sense of God’s providence and care in the small and ordinary support of friends amid so much uncertainty.
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  Christmas with its messages of hope

Dec 24, 2020
“No Pandemic can stop the light and peace of Christmas’” – that is the light and peace of Christ.
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  Release Asylum Seekers and Refugees this Christmas

Dec 23, 2020
Columban missionaries across the globe have been advocating for the rights of asylum seekers and refugees for years.
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  The meaning of Christmas

Dec 22, 2020
This Christmas, I have a deeper sense of the significance of Christmas, and I am more ready to welcome Christ in my heart.
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  Update from Columban parishes after tropical cyclone Yasa

Dec 21, 2020
In Ba, 66 people from Votua and Nakoroboya took shelter in the Parish Hall on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Fr Pat said Mass for them on Friday morning, they then departed to their villages.
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  A disrupted Christmas

Dec 18, 2020
The peace of this Christmas and one ordination may be disrupted, but we pray for the safety of the people of Fiji.
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  So, why is sunflower like that?

Dec 15, 2020
Like the sunflower, may we remain attentive to His abiding presence in our lives and let Him direct us in this maelstrom.
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  New Language

Dec 11, 2020
It is always good to have a place where one is always welcomed. Having a second family in a different country is a blessing.
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  In the Hands of the Master Baker

Dec 08, 2020
My faith-journey as a missionary is like the art of baking. I have been given all the necessary ingredients. All I need to do is bake. It is just up to me how I will mix those ingredients together.
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  First Anniversary celebration of our Migrant House in San Columbano Parish

Dec 04, 2020
This article was published on the Archdiocesan webpage and in our Archdiocesan newspaper, "Encuentro".
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  Christ at the Center

Dec 01, 2020
I am really blessed to be in this culture which is full of God’s mysteries...
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  Kachin Rebirth and Rehab Center for women

Nov 27, 2020
Women will have an opportunity to engage in a program that offers them a return to long-term sobriety, a release from the exploitative conditions including sexual exploitation and human trafficking and the regaining their health, quality of life...
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  Join ACRATH for 16 days of activism against gender-based violence

Nov 25, 2020
Human trafficking, a $150 billion global industry, is one of the greatest examples of violence against women and girls. As well, millions of women and girls are forced to marry or to work in terrible conditions for little pay and no chance of an education.
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  Sr Lucy renews her religious vows

Nov 24, 2020
Sr Lucy’s celebration underlines the reality that each day is truly precious and “made by the Lord”
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Columban Christmas Appeal 2020

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