Let the Son Shine - 2013 Edition

 2013 Update: Between Calamity and Hope

Church not ignorant, dumb nor crippled: Engaging Climate Change

Some people dismiss Church people saying, 'They have nothing to contribute towards addressing the problem of Climate Change'.

On the contrary, Columban Father Charles Rue argues that church people can be powerful players. He updates his 2009 work with new climate issues, faith reflections and saintly examples of action. Again he uses the See-Judge-Act format.

Again he argues that prayer and action on climate change help our faith to grow. All Catholics have an 'ecological vocation' at this historic time to serve the human enterprise.

This paper explores two major ways to address Catholic thinking and acting on climate change  in the light of faith:

 * prayer at every stage of a Catholic missionary response to climate change

*  systematic response, using the see-judge-act model.

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