MEDIA RELEASE: Request for Australian Church Leaders to Act Together

Columban Fr Sean McDonagh meets Pope Francis at the Joint Consultation on ‘Laudato Si’

Dear Australian Church Leaders,

On September 28th 2016 the Vatican Justice and Peace Commission held a Joint Consultation with the Pontifical Academy of Sciences to evaluate the global response to Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si’, and prepare for the upcoming global climate change meeting in Marrakech, Morocco, known as the ‘Conference of Parties 22’ (COP 22). At the end of the consultation Pope Francisconcluding remarks were, “This [climate change] is a human problem, it’s our problem, so we should solve it. And it grows poverty and misery in the world, that’s why I’m so worried about it.

The participants at the Vatican Joint Consultation noted that: “We urge all the signatories of the Paris Agreement to move forward together with determination, urgency, shared values and a common global plan."

Columban Missionaries and Catholic Earthcare Australia believe Australians need to call for action on climate change. We all carry a responsibility to care for our common home and this is one action we can take to make a difference. ACT NOW: We have prepared a letter and invite you to personalise it and send it to the following three people:

1. (Minister for Foreign Affairs) Hon. Julie Bishop
2. (Minister for Environment and Energy) Hon. Josh Frydenberg
3. (Head of the Department of the Environment and Energy's delegation, Assistant Secretary, International Branch) Ms Kushla Munro

To read the full Media Release and Letter - click here to download (pdf)

With Sincere Gratitude,

Rev Dr Patrick McInerney
Director, Columban Mission Institute
Phone: (02) 9352 8000

Jacqui Remond
Catholic Earthcare Australia
Phone: (02) 8920 9500


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