LISTEN! 'Bonded Slavery' radio documentary

Bonded Slavery' radio documentary Brick making is typical of what people in bonded slavery are required to do.

A radio documentary broadcast on Saturday 1 September 2018 on Newstalk, an Irish radio station explored the issue of bonded labour among the Christian minority in Pakistan.

In the programme, radio producer, Fergal McCarthy, examines the work of Columban missionaries, Fr Tomas King and Fr Liam O’Callaghan, and their tireless efforts to free these communities from this form of modern-day slavery.

Listen to the documentary titled ‘Bonded Labour: Pakistan’s Christian Minority’.

It provides an excellent introduction and insight into what Columban missionaries are doing in Pakistan to support communities of all faiths on the margins of society, who are caught up in bonded slavery.

Bonded slavery, often involving making bricks, has long been the only way for Christian and Hindu communities in Sindh province to find work.

Columban Fr Tomas King in PakistanFr Tomas King

The Columbans are supporting the development of education for children so that they have the option to break free of bonded slavery and build a better future for themselves. Columban Fr Tomás King has been a missionary in Pakistan since 1992.

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