The feast of all Saints

The feast of all Saints. Fra Angelico [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Fra Angelico [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

November 1 is marked annually in the Catholic liturgical calendar as a day to remember and venerate saints from around the world and throughout history– not only those known and canonised, but also all unknown as well.

In the 4th century, All Saints’ Day traditions served to honour the great number of individuals martyred for their faith during the persecutions in the late Roman Empire.

It was during the 8th century that Pope Gregory III declared that all saints be remembered on November 1.

All Saints’ Day is an opportune time to consider the example saints offer us today and to reflect on how we can imitate their holiness.

As Pope Benedict XVI remarked in 2011, All Saints’ Day calls us “to see the Church… as Christ wanted it, that is, as the communion of saints”.

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