ACRATH Campaign - Use your money justly

Weekend of April 6 & 7
Children need to be freed from modern slavery - Photo:
Last month, while speaking about modern slavery Pope Francis said that, faced with the tragic reality of modern slavery, “no one can wash their hands of it, without being in some way, an accomplice to this crime against humanity”.

Thinking of buying Easter eggs? Use your money justly – please.

What Easter eggs will you enjoy this Easter? There is now a wide range of slavery-free chocolate and Easter eggs available, including a budget-priced range of UTZ certified products in ALDI, Coles and a wide selection at Haighs and OXFAM shops; Chocolatier also produces FAIRTRADE Easter chocolate.

Good news: The Sydney Archdiocese is reviewing and revising all relevant contractual and business practices as part of its commitment to eradicating human trafficking. They are joining a powerful movement that will change, forever, the lives of enslaved children - God’s children.


Action:  Tell three people about the importance of buying only slavery-free chocolate this Easter and beyond. Try some and tell them how good it tastes. Join this global fight against modern slavery.

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