Equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines around the globe

Vaccine stockpiling needs to be opposed - Photo:bigstock.com Vaccine stockpiling needs to be opposed - Photo:bigstock.com

St Columban’s Mission Society endorses the media statement from Catholic Religious Australia (CRA) opposing the stockpiling of COVID-19 vaccines by wealthy nations and urging for the equitable distribution of vaccines around the globe, particularly to developing nations.

The CRA statement says: “Wealthy nations that have been securing vaccine doses through bilateral deals with pharmaceutical manufacturers are creating competition, driving up prices, putting constraints on limited global supplies and preventing developing nations from accessing the vaccines – a strategy of ‘vaccine nationalism’ that not only fails to stand in solidarity with all people around the globe, but is self-defeating as it will allow for COVID-19 variants to develop.”

Click to read CRA Media Statement -  Catholic Religious Australia against COVID-19 vaccine nationalism