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Fr Brian Vale SSC

Columban Fr Brian Vale SSC

Fr Brian Vale was elected Regional Director of St Columbans Mission Society for Australia and New Zealand on 23 November 2017. Previously he has been working in Japan and New Zealand and more recently has spent the last 8 years in Christian - Muslim Relations in our Columban Mission Institute in Sydney.

  From the Director - Three score years and ten

Jul 16, 2018
Fr Leo is looking forward to the year 2020 when the three brothers will then collectively have served 200 years of service as Columban missionary priests. That will certainly be an important milestone and an occasion for another celebration!
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  From the Director - A chance meeting over a meal

Jun 25, 2018
This month, on June 29, 2018 the Missionary Society of St Columban celebrates exactly 100 years since its canonical foundation and it all started with a chance meeting over a meal.
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  From the Director - Pentecost Sunday - see and listen

May 25, 2018
This is the Spirit which inspires us, opens our eyes and gives us the insight to see beyond our own cultural lens to what God is inviting us to become.
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  From the Director - Post resurrection experiences

Apr 12, 2018
Many people throughout the world today are trying to escape trauma including after release from prison or escaping persecution as refugees or as victims of sexual or domestic violence.
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  From the Director - Easter Message 2018

Mar 29, 2018
In his Easter message, Fr Brian Vale speaks about his time during Easter in the Japanese city of Hiratsuka. He reflects on assisting his Columban colleague, Fr. Tom Tehan with the Easter ceremonies and how he witnessed the faith of the people of Japan.
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  From the Director - Being present to others

Mar 01, 2018
That striving for life and love draws many of us into our Eucharistic communities. Such communities are built up and shaped by the stirring of the Holy Spirit within each of us.
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  From the Director - The biggest changes are ahead of us

Jan 25, 2018
It may be a little scary but there is a sense that the biggest changes for our Church and for St Columbans Mission Society are ahead of us. Yet we are all still called to dream and not stay in the security of our enclosures.
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