Prayer for Health Care Workers

Jun 06, 2023
Lord, I thank You for those who try to make others well and care for those in suffering and pain.
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  The strength to forgive

Jun 02, 2023
I ask today to forgive everyone in my life.
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  In solidarity

May 30, 2023
Help me fast from unconcern and do just one thing to help those suffering from poverty.
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  Power of Prayer

May 23, 2023
Open them up. Fill them with faith and hope, and chase away our anxieties and fears.
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  Prayer for the present moment

May 12, 2023
You give today one moment at a time. That's all I have, all I ever will have.
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  Lord, give me courage

May 09, 2023
Lord, give me the courage to accept the painful, ugly realities of life and become Your advocate of truth and justice in the world...
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  Accept my prayers

May 05, 2023
Your Most Precious Blood, and be pleased to accept my prayers
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  Open my ears

May 02, 2023
Lord, open my ears to hear Your invitation to listen to Your Son in the Word of God
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  Your Golden Rule

Apr 25, 2023
Help me to put Your golden rule into practice that I may be a source of healing and love for others.
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  The wonder of your presence

Apr 11, 2023
Bless us all, O Lord, we pray, for loved ones, here and near, and far away.
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  Easter Sunday

Apr 09, 2023
Let our celebration today raise us up and renew our lives by the Spirit that is within us.
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  A Prayer for humanity

Mar 02, 2023
Bless us all, O Lord, we pray, for loved ones, here and near, and far away.
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  A farmer's prayer

Feb 28, 2023
We commit to your protection all our crops and farm industries
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  One moment at a time

Feb 23, 2023
I lose sight of the only time that is really mine, the present moment.
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  You keep me going

Feb 21, 2023
Your friendship keeps me going
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  Our busy world

Feb 16, 2023
In our busy world there are so many who do not want to know...
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  Lord, help me to listen

Feb 14, 2023
Help me to learn from the wisdom of a child.
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  Lord, I don't mean to complain

Feb 09, 2023
Lord, please help me, help me to be patient in my trouble and sickness.
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  Prayer for friends and benefactors

Feb 07, 2023
… we humbly ask Your mercy on behalf of our friends, relations and benefactors,…
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  Help me with your kindness

Feb 03, 2023
Make me strong through the Eucharist.
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Set of Ten Prayer Books

Code : 105



Set of Ten Columban Prayer Books that includes prayers for those who are struggling with daily life or who have lost a loved one. There is a particular book for those suffering from cancer and a general giving thanks booklet. Making the Sign of the Cross is an excellent gift for baptismal gifts and small children. In the set there are prayers for those who are working as well as prayers for liturgical seasons and the Power of Prayer. (Price excl P&H)

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2024 Columban Art Calendar - PRE-ORDER

Code : 180

In Stock - September 2023 | CALENDAR


The Columban Art Calendar is an iconic Catholic Calendar, well-known for its traditional religious paintings and liturgical information and is a major fundraiser for Columban Missionaries. 2024 marks the 102nd edition.

Calendar Dimensions: 220mm (W) x 320mm (H)

1 Calendar $10.00 Special Offer: Buy more than one Calendar and pay $8.00 for each additional one. Price excl P&H

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