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  Reflection: 19th Sunday of the Year - Courage! It is I. Do not be afraid

Aug 09, 2020
The heart of the story for us is not about the feat of walking on water (as Peter Sellers did at the end of the movie ‘Being There’), it is in hearing the words from the Lord when we are terrified, ‘Courage! It is I. Do not be afraid’.
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  Reflection: 18th Sunday of the Year - The loaves and fish

Aug 01, 2020
In our strongly scientific world-view, our immediate reaction is that this is an improbable story because you cannot feed five thousand people with five loaves and two fish.
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  Reflection: 17th Sunday of the Year - A hidden treasure

Jul 25, 2020
The experience of God is so wonderful and unexpected that the recipient will give up everything, if necessary, to follow the call of God. The graciousness and generosity of God stand out here. A gift freely given - no one deserves it. The gospels tell us that God seeks us out in many places.
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  Reflection: 16th Sunday of the Year - The Word of God is alive and active

Jul 18, 2020
We might ask who were the ‘weeds’ in the early Church? Were the weeds people or ways of thinking that caused trouble?
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  Reflection: 15th Sunday of the Year - Power comes from God

Jul 12, 2020
The gospel is not locked in the past but addresses our lives today. The human condition does not seem to have changed since Jesus walked the earth and his challenge to us is not ancient but as fresh as today’s sunlight.
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  What is God like? Who is God like?

Jul 06, 2020
Power is subtle and invasive, it undermines good people who increasingly believe in the rituals which are to lift minds to God yet sometimes become an end in themselves.
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  The cost of discipleship

Jun 28, 2020
If we leave the stark dramatic impression aside, and without putting mild words in His mouth to soften the effect of His words, relationship with Jesus and with God is the fundamental relationship for a disciple.
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