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  The Ascension - Yes Lord we believe!

May 23, 2020
Centuries have passed and his mission of baptising people into the life of God and inviting us to live the forgiving life that Jesus did, continues to this day.
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  Preparing for the Holy Spirit

May 20, 2020
The feasts of Pentecost and the Holy Trinity are coming in the liturgical calendar of the Church. Hearing today’s gospel we are prepared for them when we hear that Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit to the apostles and disciples and the Holy Spirit would remain with them - with us, forever.
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  Reflection - Fifth Sunday of Easter - Going home

May 10, 2020
Home’ is a far off dream for them as they endure their travels with pain and suffering but hope because they have no other option than to hope.
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  Reflection - Fourth Sunday of Easter - How to have life to the full?

May 02, 2020
Faith is a mysterious movement of the heart towards God, which starts in the heart of God and reaches out to us through the person of Jesus and his words.
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  Reflection - Third Sunday of Easter - Coming to faith

Apr 25, 2020
This week the gospel story is a post-resurrection account of Jesus meeting two disciples on the road to the village of Emmaus and their coming to believe in Jesus as risen and alive.
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  Lenten Reflection - Coronavirus and raising of Lazarus

Mar 28, 2020
We seem to be moving through Lent at speed. We are at the fifth Sunday of Lent in a rapidly changing world. We celebrate the raising of Lazarus from the dead but face the spectre of universal death.
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  Lenten Reflection - It is only with the heart that one can see rightly

Mar 22, 2020
The irony in this gospel incident is that a wonderful miracle occurred but no one is happy about it, the miracle is the cause of dissension and annoyance.
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