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  Lenten Reflection - Coronavirus and raising of Lazarus

Mar 28, 2020
We seem to be moving through Lent at speed. We are at the fifth Sunday of Lent in a rapidly changing world. We celebrate the raising of Lazarus from the dead but face the spectre of universal death.
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  Lenten Reflection - It is only with the heart that one can see rightly

Mar 22, 2020
The irony in this gospel incident is that a wonderful miracle occurred but no one is happy about it, the miracle is the cause of dissension and annoyance.
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  Lenten Reflection - The encounter of kindness

Mar 16, 2020
The world is full of hostility towards other races or cultural and religious identities. Many people crave uniformity or they become afraid but unity in diversity is the best we can do. More than the ‘best we can do’ Jesus has welcomed all peoples, like the Samaritans. There are no outsiders in the eyes…
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  Lenten Reflection - Transfiguration of Jesus gives us hope in our suffering

Mar 05, 2020
The Transfiguration is a powerful and mysterious event in which Moses and Elijah, who have both suffered for following the call of God, come to strengthen Jesus for the difficult road ahead as he does the Father’s will in proceeding to Jerusalem.
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  Lenten Reflection - The opportune tempter and the 40 days

Feb 26, 2020
Jesus is hungry and tired after a fast of 40 days. He is ready to be tempted. We are not at our best or strongest when we are tired and hungry; it is the logical time for the tempter to make a move.
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  Reflection - The space between them

Jan 20, 2020
To this day Christian faith in China struggles to be seen as other than a foreign import. How different the story of mission might have been if Ricci’s approach had been supported.
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  Reflection - Drawing near

Dec 02, 2019
The countdown clock for the Olympic Games starts as soon the games are declared closed – a four year waiting period to the next one. As the time ticks down and the big day draws near the level of anticipation rises.
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