The Grace of Earth - Lenten Resource (Year A)

The Grace of Earth - Lenten Reflections - Year A - 2017The Grace of Earth consists of six weekly Lenten Reflections related to the Gospel readings which focus on six aspects of Earth's life support systems: Atmosphere, Oceans, Fresh Water, Land, Plant Life, Animal Life.

This Columban resource is free of charge, however a donation for the use of this resource to enable our ongoing mission is appreciated. Download form (PDF), email or phone (03) 9375 9475.

This Catholic resource is free, however donations are appreciated and welcome to assist us in our missionary work. Donate online now


INTRODUCTION - Download Introduction (PDF)
Week 1 -  The Grace of Atmosphere (PDF)
Week 2The Grace of Oceans (PDF)
Week 3The Grace of Fresh Water (PDF)
Week 4The Grace of Land (PDF)
Week 5The Grace of Plant Life (PDF)
Week 6The Grace of Animal Life (PDF)

The Grace of Earth (PDF 8 pages, 7MB)


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