The Grace of Place - Lenten Resource (Year C)

The Grace of Place - 2017The Grace of Place consists of six weekly Lenten reflections to accompany the Gospels of Year C. It explores different aspects of how having a heightened sense of place in the natural world enables us to grow in our reverence for God, and in our care for all creation.

This online Catholic resource is suitable for Senior School Students, Teachers, Parishes, Religious Congregations, Youth, Social Justice Groups and individuals.

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The Grace of Place - 2017 - Introduction Introduction
The Grace of Place (PDF)
Wild Places
1st Sunday of Lent (PDF)
Sacred Places
2nd Sunday of Lent (PDF)
Coastal Places
3rd Sunday of Lent (PDF)
Rural Places
4th Sunday of Lent (PDF)
Urban Places
5th Sunday of Lent (PDF)
My Place
6th Sunday of Lent (PDF)


The Grace of Place (PDF 8 pages, 7MB)

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