Bridges - September 2017

The common thread running through Bridges 76 is “crossing over”,

  • The Editorial stresses the importance of crossing over to build relations and to avoid becoming isolated p. 1.
  • News from the Centre tells of staff crossing over to contribute to various interfaith events, p. 2.
  • News from the World tells of people crossing over to support one another in crises p. 3.
  • St Francis of Assisi crossed over from Italy to Egypt, then crossed over the no-man’s land between warring armies p. 4.
  • Young people from different faiths crossed over to meet with each other at Youth PoWR p. 5.
  • Islamophobia spreads when people don’t cross over to meet the Muslim other p. 6.
  • Fr Brian Vale reflects on 8 years of crossing over to meet Muslims p. 7.

 We’re Moving!  The Columban Mission Institute is closing on 10 October.  The Columban Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations is moving to a new office in the Institute for Mission, 1-5 Marion Road, Blacktown NSW 2148.  We look forward to continuing old friendships, building new ones, and contributing to better relations between Christians and Muslims in the Diocese of Parramatta and in western Sydney.  Please stay in touch through

 To Muslims who celebrated Eid al-Adha on 1-2 September, we hope you had a happy feast!

  • To Muslims who will celebrate the Hijri New Year on 21 September, we wish you every blessing throughout the new year.
  • Fr Brian Vale is leaving the Centre to take up a new appointment as Regional Director of the Columbans in Australia and New Zealand from November. 

Thank you, Fr Brian, for all you have done over the past eight years and every blessing on your new leadership role. Vale, Fr Vale!    


Rev Dr Patrick McInerney
Coordinator, Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations
Columban Mission Institute

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