Columban eBulletin

eBulletin - Vol 13 No. 2


From the Director - We can all be missionaries

We can be a missionary by living our lives as humanly as possible. I don’t have to be preaching at people. I don’t have to be giving learned…
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What can we learn of the Gospel from secular and plural Australia?

We must learn to converse with people. In a conversation, neither side preaches. Instead, together we patiently and respectfully engage mutual…
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Coronavirus arrives in Juarez, Mexico promising further hardship for migrating people

El Paso, just over the Rio Grande river, in the U.S. has three cases. Most of the tens of thousands of asylum seekers and migrating people to…
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Justice delayed is justice denied

“When I asked my boss for payment of my wages, he got angry and said he would call the police to take me to jail and then I would be sent home…
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Reflection - Loneliness - the silent epidemic

Several years ago, an elderly woman was found dead in her apartment. Stuck on the screen of her television was a note: “Goodbye my friend! You…
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Lent and Easter Prayer Book

12-page booklet of Lent and Easter Prayers. Prices exclude Postage.
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Columban Christmas Appeal 2019

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