E-News - Vol. 4 No. 1

From the Director - A God who ‘allows’ earthquakes
God is constantly consoling us in our suffering, sharing in our joys and calling us to be responsible and live courageously. Such a theology of God is much more adult and worthy of us. (more)
Brian Gore back in Negros
When Fr Brian presided at Mass in the simple bamboo building there were dogs laying on the floor, mothers with little children, grandparents, dads and teenagers. I felt a real sense of community... (more)
Teachers walk the talk
The whole school, principal, board and parents had got behind a project to buy a bus to transport the children to school. The school is an initiative of the Columban Fathers who have worked in the area for 60 years. (more)
Where women rule
The distinction between matrilineal and matriarchal societies has only recently been clarified. The former means that the lineage is traced through the mothers, while the latter means that the mothers hold more power than the fathers. (more)
A Backlog of funerals
As Mass was about to start we discovered that instead of one body, one coffin to be prayed over, actually four coffins arrived with their grieving families. (more)
Reflection - What are you doing for Lent?
“Good Works” is an active exertion of yourself towards the undoing of an injustice. It took Christians nearly two millennia to realise that slavery did not fit with gospel values. (more)
Letter to Columban Supporters
We thank you for your kind support. At this time our prayers and thoughts are with the families devastated by cyclones, floods and bushfires. (more)