E-News - Vol.7 No.9

From the Director - The dynamic of sending
That great action of sending which began with God the Father sending God the Son to our world, still continues today in the name of the Son across the world. (more)
A Pope who wants to talk with us
Francis prefers to share rather than lecture, to invite rather than order, to persuade rather than command. His style is deeply pastoral and encouraging. He is comfortable with being fallible and is not at all defensive. (more)
Priest, violinist, handsome and distinguished
A medical emergency in 1970 brought him back to New Zealand for the amputation of his right leg due to cancer. It was during his rehabilitation that Columban Fr John took up the violin, which was to play an important part of his life and the lives of many others. (more)
Columban Sisters celebrate 90th anniversary
From the beginning, the Columban Sisters have served the poor on the fringe of society in remote corners of the world. Their missionary journey started in 1926 when they entered China. (more)
They turn up sooner or later dead
People are too scared to speak up. So, the cops just round up a whole pile of  suspects. Some they let go. Some they knock around a bit. Some just disappear. Usually, they turn up sooner or later dead. (more)
Reflection - The only book that can read me
The Father wants us to know Him. To risk meeting the Father is to have our superficial peace disturbed, our shallow security undermined, and our lightweight values over­hauled. It is a courageous act to open the Bible. (more)
2015 Columban Art Calendar - SPECIAL DVD OFFERS AVAILABLE
Columbans are excited to launch new Special DVD Offers with the 2015 Columban Art Calendar. Columbans have produced a beautiful 2015 Art Guide DVD introducing each painting featured in the calendar. The DVD has been narrated by Geraldine Doogue (well-known Australian Journalist, Radio & Television host and UN Media Peace Prize recipient). Get in while stock lasts > BUY NOW