E-News - Vol.9 No.5

From the Director - To go or stay
All of these decisions were difficult to make. They were heroic decisions affecting and changing the lives of and the people with whom they worked and shared their lives. (more)
Pope Francis - Joy of the Gospel Pope Francis - Mission "with" rather than "to"
Mission "with" rather than "to": the difference a preposition makes. Missionaries are by nature achievers, people who want to make a difference to people’s lives for the better but if we are not careful we can end up building our own kingdom not God’s. (more)
Reflection - Letter from Lima Letter from Lima
Melbourne born and raised, Columban Fr Bernard Lane has worked for many decades in Lima, Peru. We publish  his 2016 Easter letter written at the beginning of April which was sent to family and friends. (more)
No family to grieve at her going No family to grieve at her going
They, her two younger brothers showed up some days later; they visited with Shwe Mya for a short time and then left assuring her that they would return next morning. Morning came and days followed but they never returned, they never kept their promise. (more)
Farewell Fr Vincent Batchelor Farewell Fr Vincent Batchelor SSC
Columbans, his two sisters, other relatives and a number of his friends, former students and parishioners farewelled Columban Fr Vincent Batchelor. (more)
Reflection - No holding back Reflection - No holding back
Exploring where we have never been before, doing what we have never done before - doing things that are seldom done by anyone - constitutes an adventure of the soul. (more)
Mid-Year Appeal - 2016 2016 Mid-Year Appeal - Open our eyes
“Never before did I find it so hard to write a few lines about a given situation. The nation is numb, shell-shocked and overwhelmed, and so are we.” (more)