eBulletin - Vol 13 No. 10


From the Director - Christmas lights

With the coming of Jesus, we can see what is already there. Jesus came to tell us and show us what is true about God. The story of Jesus casts…
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Humble, Healing & Merciful?

Columban Fr Warren Kinne writes in response to one of the six National Themes for Discernment of the Plenary Council - "How is God calling us…
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Swallows Beware

Migration both for bird and human is a journey of hope, expectation and return to tell the story. Neither human nor winged migrant are always…
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30 years on mission

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Columban Lay Missionaries (CLM). Looking back on the past three decades has made me realise how far…
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The challenge of gift giving

There are some things we can make ourselves, which can touch the recipient deeply. Others can relate to an important occasion in a relationship.…
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2020 Columban Christmas Appeal

Support the Christmas Appeal and participate in Columban mission that helps those without even the most basic amenities to survive.
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2022 Columban Christmas Appeal

Support the Columban Christmas Appeal to assist with our missionary work in many countries across our world where people suffer from war, hunger, and desperate living conditions.