eBulletin - Vol 14 No. 7 August 2021


Compassion in Action

What was evident to me was the compassion of these priests. Even though they are home here in Australia they are very aware of the suffering…
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A better kind of politics

Columban Fr Warren Kinne offers some reflection on the fifth chapter of the Encyclical Letter, Fratelli Tutti of the Holy Father Francis on fraternity…
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Heed the call of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

It is calling for a shift away from the prestige attributed to the ownership of a nuclear weapon, saying that the mindset that bestows prestige…
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Letter from Wuhan: Learning from Teilhard de Chardin

In a country where the focus of news has just moved so quickly from one challenge to another, perhaps a longer view of time is also needed, one…
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Storytelling in Mission

Storytelling is an ancient art of passing on wisdom and experience. It is a way to convince the listener of the message the speaker is conveying.…
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2022 Columban Art Calendar

The Columban Art Calendar is an iconic Catholic Calendar, well-known for its traditional religious paintings and liturgical information
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