eBulletin - Vol 15 No. 9 - October 2022




Winners - Season of Creation - School Competition 2022

List of the winners of the Columban Season of Creation - School Competition 2022
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Talking about Mission

Missionary societies like our own have been talking about mission for many years and what was said in Pusan represents only a small slice through…
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Columban Fr Jim Mulroney, goes home to the Father

As the paper’s editor, Jim made the effort to personally feel the pulse of Hong Kong society. He often quoted the advice of a rabbi who once…
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Mission - A collaborative ministry

Columban Fr Peter Woodruff shares a reflection about the meaning of Mission from his experiences being a long-time missionary in Lima, Peru and…
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Our Saving Mission: a graced struggle

We need a vision that has our feet on the ground and involves the big issues of our day but that has a glimpse at the future beyond earthy death…
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Hanyang Museum - Appreciation of the Luminous Religion

In the Hanyang area of Wuhan, a recently-planned large-scale commercial and residential development was designed in such a way as to preserve…
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2022 Columban Christmas Appeal

Support the Columban Christmas Appeal to contribute to our work amongst the poorer people in our neighbouring countries recovering from major…
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