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A Path to Gospel Joy

I assembled some theological explanations, but I realised that they did not resonate with me and would be just strange theological language to…
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Empowering Dreams

St. Elizabeth School of Midwifery in Hyderabad, Pakistan, trains young women from less developed areas and from marginalized communities to advance…
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Lent: A time of repentance and resurrection

During Lent, we remember God’s faithfulness and appreciate the gifts we have been given. Ellen Teague, JPE team member, explains how the the…
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Destiny calls

As Palm Sunday approaches, the contrast between temporary adulation and eventual betrayal reflects the trials Jesus faced. Yet, the promise of…
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Embracing the Columban Vocation & Mission - Joseph Seong Yoseob

The Kingdom of God is the mission field where I am the happiest. Columban culture is unique and very different because our motto is “Not ours…
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Episode 45 - Lent offers 40 days to reflect, appreciate, and appropriate.

During Lent, we have 40 days to reflect, appreciate, and appropriate the incredible dignity, beauty, and richness we've been given gratuitously.…
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Value Pack - Prayer books - Print Versions

Support the Columban Appeal, providing comfort to the lonely, hope to the despairing, and assistance to those facing challenging circumstances…
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Value Pack - Prayer books - Print Versions

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This pack includes:

1 X Columban Daily Prayer Book - Listen, read, pray and reflect using this prayer book featuring prayer and reflection for each day of the week focusing on different topics. 

1X Power of Prayer Book features a mix of prayers, scriptures, and reflections. You can use the QR code in the prayer book to watch, listen and reflect, or you can opt to read the book in your own time. The reflections on the scriptures are written by Columban Fr Dan Troy, who is taking us on a journey of God’s mercy and love. 

1 X Lord, handle me with care Prayer Book is a 36-Page book of general prayers. Prayers written by Fr Patrick Sayles SSC. Reflections and Scriptures written by Fr Dan Troy SSC.  

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