The Far East - October 2019

The Far East Magazine is published 10 times a year by St Columbans Mission Society. It features articles and photographs by Columban Missionaries from those countries where the missionaries work. The magazine was originally launched to promote mission interest in Catholic homes in Australia and New Zealand. The Far East Magazine is a major fundraiser for Columban Missionaries and was first published in Australia on 15th October, 1920.


From the Editor

The October edition of The Far East magazine marks the beginning of the 100th year since it was first published in October, 1920.
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"I want the Church in the street" Pope Francis

The Extraordinary Month of Mission seems an appropriate time to ask ourselves as Australian Catholics what special contribution our experience…
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Service to the poor is faith in action

Columban Fr Michael Doohan is not a member of the English rock group! The Columban missionary set up a school for mechanics which has provided…
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Reflection - Mortality and immortality

Reflecting on the fact that my days are numbered is not a morbid exercise, but rather an invitation to develop a larger perspective on myself…
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Keeping ancient traditions alive

Recently during a short visit to Korea, I had the opportunity to experience something of Jesus' vision of the Kingdom of God being like a householder…
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100 years of The Far East

The October edition of The Far East magazine marks the beginning of the 100th year since The Far East was first published in October, 1920 with…
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Murder in the Missions: A True Story

Columban Fr Cyril Lovett highlights a new book about two Columban missionaries who did pioneering work building trust between Christians and…
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Mission World - Australian Catholic Bishops pay tribute to Tim Fischer

Mr Fischer had a larger-than-life personality who throughout his career was genuinely dedicated to service.
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From the Director - New Columban Region of Oceania

In Australia as we prepare for the Plenary Council the church is asking “What is God asking of us today?” As Columbans in Oceania we are asking…
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What a nightmare!

Travel in Pakistan can sometimes be a nightmare. But occasionally these nightmares can be opportunities to experience the goodness of people…
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Not a call for cosmetic change

This article is the tenth instalment of Synod on the Amazon: Model for the World, a series on the Synod process, the Amazon region, and the work…
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A stranger in a strange land

Being a stranger in a foreign land isn’t always easy in terms of learning and adopting not only the language and local dialect but also the culture.
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Your Columban Legacy

Leave a gift to Columban Missionaries in your Will.
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Audio Playlist - The Far East - October 2019

Listen to all the articles in this edition of the Far East.
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