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Bridges is the quarterly newsletter of the Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations (CCCMR). It offers current news and views on Christian-Muslim Relations, Islam and Interreligious Dialogue. The newsletter features concerns often overlooked by the mainstream media, and is a counter-balance to populist stereotypes. Bridges is particularly useful for more informed discussions in schools and community groups.

Bridges features:

  • Bridges newsletter sampleNews from the Centre - Reports on the Columban CMR Centre's recent activities and works.
  • News from the World - Information about current events on Islam and Interreligious Dialogue.
  • Feature Articles - Focusing on Christian-Muslim Relations, Islam and Interreligious Dialogue; offering analysis and insight into current events and issues.
  • Educational Insert - A resource for schools, education, community and adult discussion groups.
  • Film and Book reviews
  • Upcoming Events listing


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