Columban Interfaith eBulletin

Interfaith eBulletin - August 2022


Bishop Vincent Long’s speech at iftar dinner

Western Sydney is the epicentre of an ethnically diverse, multicultural and multifaith Australia. My predecessors recognised the importance of…
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Plenary Council endorses Interfaith Relations

This omission shocked me. I knew that in Catholic teaching, interreligious dialogue is an integral part of the church’s evangelising mission…
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New Interfaith Commission Established by the Diocese of Parramatta

Introducing the Chair, Debbie Grigson, and Deputy Vice Chair, Michael Tan. Debbie and Michael share their thoughts on what drew them to join…
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Our changing Church: a Columban priest’s journey

As I listened to Patrick that night in The Great Synagogue, it struck me that his address was a powerful remembering of the Council itself. If,…
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Interfaith dialogue: iftar and the healing of hospitality

When my Muslim sisters host iftar, the meal taken by Muslims at sundown to break their daily fast during Ramadan, it’s a lively event. Games,…
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2022 Columban Mid-Year Appeal

Support the Columban Mid-Year Appeal to assist with our missionary work in many countries across our world where people suffer from war, hunger, and desperate living conditions.

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