Peace, Ecology and Justice

Columban Frs Peter (left) and Kevin O’Neill, Columban Mission Center, Essendon - Photo:St Columbans Mission Society

St Columbans Mission Society's concerns for issues of Peace, Ecology and Justice (PEJ) derives from our commitment to solidarity with the poor and our care and respect for all of Creation. PEJ was adopted by the Society around the world in 1976 and links the Gospel to living justly, respecting ecological systems and growing peace. 

In Australia, we work within the framework of Peace, Ecology and Justice giving expression to our commitment to the concerns of JPIC. The Columban document, Called to Communion (2012) states:

"Our commitment to interculturality, interfaith dialogue, solidarity with the poor and the exploited earth is a participation in the Mission of God, calling us forward into communion with our triune God. Our proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus challenges us to build communities of peace."

Our work for justice, peace and care for the Earth requires consideration of all three pillars: Peace, Ecology and Justice when looking at any particular issue rather than keeping them in silos.

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Columban PEJ Statements

Columban Missionaries work in solidarity with the poor and the exploited earth, for Peace, Ecology and Justice (PEJ). Our Church’s Social Teaching on justice is rich in wisdom about building a just society, respecting human dignity, peacebuilding, crossing boundaries and caring for God’s creation. Current international Columban PEJ priorities include Economic Justice, Migration and Refugees, Ecological Justice (Climate Change, Water, Oceans, Biodiversity and Fossil Fuels), and Just Peace.  

Read the following Columban PEJ Statements: