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Peace is more than the absence of war. Peace is considered as a set of values, attitudes and ways of behaving which promote mutual understanding and peaceful settlement of conflict. Injustice and environmental destruction are both causes and results of conflict and wars. Growing a Culture of Peace means changing individual and societal attitudes which see violence and aggression as the only response to violence brought about by conflict over these issues.

Jesus teaches us that peace is based on trust and respect. While this is challenging and difficult, growing peace must be the goal at all levels including the personal, local, national, regional, international and global. Peace-building is a practice that is learned.


  • Gospel of Life presents a series of 10 discussion and action sheets on Biblical themes of Justice (suitable for secondary school or adult use)
  • The Golden Rule is a simple but effective guide for relating with people of different religions, cultures, ethnicity and backgrounds
  • Explore Columban Resources to support Pope Francis' Laudato Si'

Peace Forums

Growing Peace - Muslims and Christians together
Are Christians and Muslims so fundamentally opposed to each other that they are a major cause of division and conflict within society?

Learn more about previous local Columban Peace Forums as a practical demonstration of dialogue and understanding between believers from different religions. Peace Forums provide an opportunity for the public to share and ask questions about how Islam and Christianity impact on relations at the local level, and to reflect on how together they can build local communities of peace and mutual understanding. Learn more

Take Action

Stand in Solidarity with Columban Peacemakers
Join us in expressing solidarity with peacemakers from JeJu Island in Korea, and Okinawa, in Japan, who are calling for the ongoing protection of Okinawa, the surrounding islands, and the entire Asia-Pacific region from expanded militarization which threatens all of Creation. Take Action

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Pax Christi Australia is a force for peace within churches and the community and makes available ongoing analysis of the factors that make or do not make for peace.

Pace e Bene Australia promotes the spirituality and practice of active nonviolence.

The Catholic Worker in New Zealand is commited to responsibility for the welfare of the poor and the promotion of the Gospels.

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